Aesthetic eyelid surgery

Aesthetic eyelid blepharoplasty involves two upper or lower eyelids, or all four at once.
The aim is to rejuvenate the upper third of the face, generally by correcting excess skin on the “drooping” upper eyelids. On the lower eyelids, the aim is to reduce “bags”, the sagging appearance of the skin and underlying fat that gives a tired appearance.

A prior ophthalmological examination is required to detect any ocular anomalies of a muscular nature or insufficient tea

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, under general anaesthetic or neuroleptanalgesia. The incisions are concealed in the natural folds of the skin, and generally remain invisible.

The surgical process involves resection of fatty hernias and excess muscle, with skin resection adapted to each case.

The skin is closed with absorbable sutures, or removed a few days after the operation by the surgeon himself. The postsurgery recovery time may be accompanied by oedema, which can be treated by applying ice packs to the surgical site. The patient is usually off work for a week, with rest, avoidance of sun exposure, and daily nursing care.

Complications such as hematoma, infection or scarring problems are only exceptional.

Follow-up surgery is scheduled at one, three and six months, with regular consultations.

Additional treatment may be offered, particularly in the tear valley, with hyaluronic acid injections. We may also inject toxin near the tail of the brow in order to give you a brighter look.

These injections are painless and take half an hour to perform, with the first effects appearing in the days following the procedure, at our Périgueux practice.

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