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Our team features three surgeons specialized in face and neck disorders, each with a different focus according to their area of expertise: Drs. LAUR Pierre, COUVREUR Phillipe and GLATRE Romain. By providing an on-call service, our team ensures optimum care and post-operative monitoring, while reducing appointment and treatment timelines. Our specialists prioritise safety and high quality patient care. / Our specialists offer bespoke treatment, carefully adressing your concerns as well as providing natural and flattering results.

Doctor Pierre Laur

Trained in the various pathologies of the face and neck at Bordeaux University Hospital, in the cervicofacial surgery and reconstructive surgery departments, my interests lie in cancer surgery and maxillofacial reconstructive surgery, as well as in the aesthetic approach to this area.

Medical procedures on face and neck can have a significant impact on the various functions of interpersonal life (eating, speaking, breathing).

Those medical procedures can also have aesthetic consequences, and lead to a modified body image that needs adapting, in a relational environment where standards are often increasingly demanding.

Recent progress in our specialty has been brought about by less invasive techniques (endoscopy, concealed approaches, aesthetic medicine), improved by an increasingly adapted anesthetic environment, with a significant degree of outpatient care.

We work exclusively at the Clinique Francheville in Périgueux, in a top-tier operating theater, with a team of eight anesthesiologists and intensive care specialists, in a recently renovated hospital ward with a 24 hours a day monitoring service.

Our team

We are a team of several healthcare specialists who have been working together for a long time in order to provide the best possible care.
 On one side are the nurses on the Polyclinique Francheville hospitalization ward, some of whom specialize in face and neck surgery, and others in the "Wounds and Healing" consultation. Our office secretaries are at your service during office opening hours.

And could we forget about Marie, our Aesthetic assistant, who will be at your service, whenever you need to book appointements or schedule Aesthetic treatment meetings as well as giving you precise and professional advices in the matter.


Aesthetic Assistant

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Aesthetic medical procedures such as injections can be performed in the afternoon or evening, Saturdays included. Aesthetic medical surgeries or procedures must be prepared beforehand by one or several preliminary consultations that will allow us to establish a precise morphological analysis documented with photographs. You will also be drawn up a quote and sign up a free and informed consent listing the possible side effects. Preliminary consultations take place on Monday mornings.

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