Enhance my chin

by subtly repositioning it

Dermal fillers can be injected into the chin to lengthen it to create the perfect ratio between the nose, lips and chin. A chin enhancement will achieve a naturally attractive balance between facial features.

What’s the procedure ?

Some people are born with a recessed or under projected chin, which can be a result of orthodontic issues, disrupting the harmony with the nose and forehead. For others, a weak chin can be the result of the ageing process, If one of these is your case, chin sculpting with dermal fillers can be the perfect facial aesthetics treatment option to restore symmetry in your face.

Chin augmentation or enhancement doesn’t aim at modifying dental occlusion however it can complement dental treatments in order to improve the overall harmony of your smile.

Injections use a high-density volumizing hyaluronic acid to project a receding chin.

Treatments are painless and swift, with immediate results that last around two years.

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