Otoplasty – also known as cosmetic ear surgery – is a procedure to change the shape, position or size of the ears. A surgical procedure aimed at correcting abnormalities in the positioning of the auricles (usually a lack of folding, cartilaginous hypertrophy of the concha or detachment of a lobe).

The operation can be performed at any age, generally from the age of nine, after a preliminary photographic assessment.

This operation will put an end to the mockery and social jibes that can lead to psychological suffering and lowered self-esteem. The proactive participation of the child and his or her parents is therefore essential.

Before the operation, the ears should be thoroughly cleaned, not only at the ear canal level, but also in front of and behind the pinna, with betadine shampoo the day before and the morning of the operation, and any ear jewelry should be removed.

A light posterior shave may be necessary, using a suitable cap. Strict smoking restriction must be observed one month before and after the operation.

The procedure will be performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. It will involve remodeling after embrittling the cartilage of the auricles.

The incisions will remain concealed behind the pavilions, and will be sutured with non-absorbable threads. Bandages can be applied by shaping the pavilions with fatty substances. The dressing will be repeated every other day for 10 days, with surgical monitoring in collaboration with the nurse in charge. A non-compressive bandage should be worn day and night for 10 days, then only at night for the first month.

The surgeon will prescribe analgesic and antibiotic treatment for eight days. While complications are rare, they can occur in some cases, such as local hematoma, superinfection or hypertrophic scarring.

Any abnormal pain occurring within 15 days will be immediately reported to the surgical team. Strict back sleeping is recommended for the first two weeks, avoiding the use of headphones for the first month. Simple sanitization of the back of the pinna is recommended for the first month.

The final aesthetic result cannot be judged until the third month. Any imperfections with partial detachment may be the subject of a revision surgery under simple local anesthesia within six months. Otoplasty surgery generally leads to good aesthetic results, with a clear psychological improvement in the patient's experience, self-confidence and the healing of more or less expressed past psychological wounds.

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