Plump my lips

fo for natural results which enhances your lips and highlights their uniqueness.

Depending on what you wish for, we can either smooth out wrinkles around your lips, give them some fullness or simply reshape their contour and enhance the cupid’s bow.

However If you want to achieve a fuller put, we can also simply plump up the red lip to increase the volume of your lips without looking overdone.

Lip’s augmentation procedures must remain pain free and lead to natural looking results, according to the patient’s wishes.

You can also opt for the amazing Russian lips technique.

What is the procedure?

Before plumping up your lips

In a preliminary consultation you will get the opportunity to discuss your goals, express your concerns, and collaborate on a personalized plan tailored to your unique facial anatomy.

Procedure for lip augmentation
At the medical office, after applying a numbing anesthetic cream, the plastic surgeon performs the hyaluronic acid injections with a cannula and naturally, gradually and harmoniously increases the volume of the lips.
The treatment takes an average of 20 minutes.

The aftermath of the treatment
Results are visible immediately after treatment, although they gradually improve over the next 2 to 4 weeks.
We advise you to avoid very hot food or beverages and pamper your lips by giving them gentle massages.

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