You want to alter the morphology of your nose.

This operation can be performed to improve breathing, a common request that requires modification of the position of the nasal septum.

More often, it is performed for aesthetic reasons, to correct damage caused by sports injuries, childhood traumas or congenital defects. For reasons of facial growth, the operation can be considered from the age of 17.

Morphological correction can be combined with an improvement in nasal ventilation. A preliminary photographic assessment will serve as a concrete reference point for precise analysis. Psychological factors must be taken into account, digging into the patient’s history and actual desires, and weighing these against the surgical possibilities. The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic on an outpatient basis, after prior consultation.

The operation involves reshaping the bones and cartilage of the nose, taking into account the very important quality of the skin.

Smoking must be stopped the month before and after the operation, to limit the risk of superinfection or damage to tissue vitality.

Concealed incisions in the nostrils can be used to resect the bone on a nasal bridge that is a little too pronounced – a fairly common situation in our part of the world. At the same time, the projection of the tip of the nose can be reduced, possibly through a small skin incision visible between the nostrils. In other cases, such as disgraceful bridges caused by previous trauma or congenital depressions, a cartilage or bone graft taken from the patient at the same time may be used.

A plaster splint will be placed over the nose for eight days, along with pads over the nasal cavities, which will restrict breathing during this time.

The patient will be offered precise post-operative analgesic monitoring in order to manage any pain or discomfort. 

Complete rest and a 15-day post-op break from physical activity are recommended.

Once the plaster cast has been removed, the nose will remain solid overall, with swelling that will spontaneously resolve over the following weeks. The final aesthetic result will gradually appear, stabilizing from the ninth month onwards.

Complications such as infection or bleeding are always possible, but relatively rare. Imperfections in results may be due to scarring or uncontrollable tissue reactions.

Once the tissues and scars have stabilized, secondary touch-ups can be performed with less effort, using cartilage grafts or hyaluronic acid injections.

These injections are painless, can be performed in half an hour, and the first effects appear in the days following the procedure.

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